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We are a family medicine office committed to bringing our patients the best of traditional, alternative, and preventive medicine.

As a family practice office, we diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions - from acute illnesses such as colds and earaches to chronic diseases like COPD and diabetes. We prescribe medicines, make referrals, and can perform all the services that most any other family practice is equipped for.

But we are not your average family practice office.

First of all, we are equipped with the tools and facilities to address a whole host of issues right here in the office. We have x-ray, spirometry, EKG, thermography, and impedance cardiography, in addition to a CO2 laser, a phlebotomy lab, an IV infusion center, and much more.

But the thing that really sets us apart is how we think and how we strive everyday to take patients past the medicinal symptom-coverups and into healthy living through nutrition, detoxification, and seeking to find the root causes that lead to so many diseases and illnesses. We believe that humans were not designed to live on drugs - so we make it our goal to keep it that way.

If you’re frustrated with 10 minute appointments that don’t seem to be going anywhere and want to try an alternative, we invite you to check us out.

There’s hope. And we’d like to help you find it.